Israel Galindo

. . . serves as Executive Director of Educational Consultants. An educator and author, Dr. Galindo is a popular seminar and workshop leader in the areas of education and instruction and in Bowen systems theory as applied to parenting, congregational life, and leadership development. He has presented for a widely diverse audience, from national denominational groups to local judicatories, public and private school systems, corporations and businesses. He is the author of numerous articles in magazines and journals, and of several books. Dr. Galindo is Professor of Christian Education at the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond, and also serves on the faculty of the Leadership in Ministry Workshops.


Don Reagan a project manager at the Georgetown College, Washington, D.C. He studied Bowen systems theory at the Georgetown Family Center, founded by Dr. Murray Bowen. His many church leadership roles have provided numerous opportunities to apply systems theory to congregational life. He has led a team tasked with changing the organizational structure of his current congregation. Mr. Reagan is co-author of 10 Best Parenting Ways To Ruin Your Teenager and A Family Genogram Workbook.


Timothy Brock

. . .is a Christian educator with over twenty years of experience the local church. In addition to his congregational ministries, Dr. Brock is a writer and conference leader. He has written articles, teaching procedures, resource catalogues, and position papers for materials produced by various curriculum publishers. His latest book is Sessions with GalationsL Finding Freedom Through Christ. He has led training conferences for the leaders of youth and adults in a number of local churches and judicatories of various denominations.






From our Executive Director:

We have been training educators and coaching leaders since 1990. Our consultant partners are passionate about congregational Christian education and leadership in all its facets. We know that local church leaders can be overwhelmed in trying to provide the best training for their members and staff; we're here to help. Call us.


What our clients say...

“Many church members have become disinterested in training sessions because of numerous experiences that have not been helpful to them. That’s not the case with Israel Galindo. He always speaks to our needs and challenges our thinking in a helpful way. When Galindo speaks, people listen and learn. That’s why one invitation to him leads to another!”

Marty Canaday
Minister of Christian Formation
Derbyshire Baptist Church, Richmond, VA


How we can help:

  • Training and education
  • Coaching
  • Consultations
  • Resource development



What our clients say...

"Israel Galindo's workshops were highlighted by a superb blend of imagination and practicality. The parents and teachers who attended the workshops felt that their time was very well invested."

Tony McDade
Minister of Christian Education, First Baptist Church, Statesville, NC